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Wedding Highlights - 2022

So clearly work & life got too busy and I am not able to keep up with writing a blog post for each of my amazing couples that get married. I bailed towards the end of 2021 and it still makes me sad as I loved reliving the time that I had with my clients and remembering all the special details that made their day so unique. I loved the quiet time looking through my notes and pictures, and using my memory to put it all together in a story that I hoped showcased their day in a way they would be proud of.

Since I can’t blog about each client individually, I thought it would be fun – mostly for me, but for anyone else who happens on this page – to take a look back at 2022 and highlight some of the things my clients did to make their day special, showcase unique touches I loved, and give an overview of trends I saw that may or may not stick around. Happy reading! xo

First Look

With their finance – 74%

With Dad – 22% With the bridal party – 18%

Ceremony Details Fur babies involved – 33%

Flower ‘Man’ – 11%

Rain plan utilized – 4% (just once – whoop whoop!)


Outfit change (bride) – 26% Outfit change (groom) – 11%

Brides Shoes

Heels – 66%

Sneakers – 15%

Chucks – 7%

Barefoot – 4%

Crocs – 4%

Cocktail Hour Entertainment

Live Music – 40%

Magician – 4%

Lawn Games – 55%

Ice Luge – 4%


Buffet – 53%

Plated – 29%

Food Trucks – 9%

Food stations – 6% (all hail the make your own mashed potatoes bar!)

Family Style – 3%


Cake – 44%

Cupcakes – 23%

Donuts – 15%

Crumble Cookies – 11%

Ice Cream Truck – 7%

Reception Details

Band vs. DJ – 22% vs. 78%

Photo Booth – 55%

Cigar Bar – 11%

Customized Cocktail Napkins – 15% Signature Cocktails named after a pet – 26%

Unique Guestbooks


Shot Ski

Anniversary Wine Bottles

Captain American Shield


Sports Jerseys



Jenga blocks


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