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Betsy & Chip | 6.15.19

When you watch Betsy and Chip interact, it’s very easy to see how well they complement each other. They are down to earth, friendly and wanted to focus on a day filled with family and lots of great music & dancing.

On a beautiful day in June, that’s exactly what they got! Friends & family filled their lovely backyard to celebrate their love. As guests arrived, laughter and excited conversation could be heard from every corner. Betsy looked amazing in a flowing white dress while Chip was dapper in a Tommy Bahama shirt as they mingled with guests. Flowers from Maureen at Floral Notes wowed, and a stunning cake from Dolce Amar displayed on a wine barrel was the subject of many photos!

During cocktail hour, guests enjoyed delicious appetizers and the bar stayed busy shaking up lots of signature cocktails – a cosmo and a mango martini (all courtesy of Slavin in the Kitchen)! During dinner, toasts from family and friends had everyone laughing out loud. For me, it was the first time I’ve heard a toast that involved a reptile on the loose (a throwback story from time at Bentley University) and one I won’t soon forget. And what toasts are complete without some heckling from the grandkids?!?!

It was a joy watching everyone enjoy themselves on the dance floor (music was rocking from DJ Joe). As advertised, Betsy and her close knit group of friends are definitely some of the most fun people out there! Guests took a quick break to enjoy some of that delicious cake and then were back at it until the last song. While I wasn’t around to witness it, I’m sure the after party went into the wee hours with laughter ringing off the walls.

Betsy & Chip - I hope your new adventures bring you much joy. Cheers to love and cocktail hour! xo


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