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Emily & Bryan | 10.19.19

Talking to old friends… that’s how I felt when I first met Emily & Bryan. We laughed, a lot. And spent a lot of time talking about apple crisp. And Magic Mike. Yup, you read that correctly. How #channingtatum got brought up in the middle of wedding planning is still a mystery. But it’s why I love what I do. I’m pretty sure they walked out of that meeting thinking I was a certified crazy person, but at least they were smiling!

Saturday turned out to be the most gorgeous Fall day and I couldn't have been more excited to arrive at Whiteface Hollow and see Emily. As I've come to expect, she was beaming and full of energy and fully enjoying her time with her family and friends. Friends Jenn, Stef, and Nicole made sure that Emily's hair and make-up looked picture perfect for her big day.

Guests began arriving mid-afternoon via transportation provided by First Student. They marveled at the amazing views that overlooked the mountains before helping themselves to a glass of apple cider as they made their way over to the ceremony location. Bryan and his groomsmen made quite the handsome bunch as they took their positions under the majestic tree and then it was time for Emily's bridesmaids (in lovely burgundy dresses) to make their way down the aisle. As ‘Bella’s Lullabye’ played, Emily, who looked breathtaking in a dress with lace sleeves from Lastrina Girls Bridal Salon, made her way towards Bryan with a huge smile on her face. Guests got to participate in a ring warming ceremony while the bride and groom recited their vows. Fur baby Thor sat (and walked! and rolled! and played!) from his spot of honor near Dad Bryan adding extra special love to a day already filled with it. Emily & Bryan sealed the deal with a kiss and cheers went up through the crowd as they took their first walk as husband and wife.

With the sun shining bright, guests sipped on drinks poured by Pour Me Bartending and nibbled on hors d'oeuvres courtesy of The Common Man. Some even struck up a little competition with each other as they tried their hand at corn hole and the personalized boards Emily & Bryan had created for their day. Meanwhile, Trent from Trent Jones Photography and Harrison from Harrison Evans Films snuck away with the bridal party and captured amazing photos and video at the many picture perfect settings scattered throughout the property.

Prior to the reception, Emily & Bryan took a few minutes to sneak into the barn for their ‘first look’ at the space before opening the barn doors and welcoming guests in. The décor highlighted the natural beauty of the space and complimented their rustic surroundings. Stunning florals from Lakes Region Floral Studio stood atop beautiful burgundy and dark gray linens. The guestbook was a dictionary where guests were asked to circle a word and leave a message – pretty much the coolest and most creative guestbook ever!

Given the talent these two possess, their first dance was nothing short of elegant and amazing. Guests crowded the dance floor to join them (a small insight into what would be an phenomenal dance party as the night went on) before returning to their tables for dinner. The toasts given by members of the bridal party were a mixture of touching sentiments and silly stories, but the part that stuck with me the most was when Javin compared their love to energy – you can’t see it, it’s just there. Cue full on goosebumps and guests wiping tears from their eyes.

With dinner coming to a close, Emily & Bryan took a moment to cut their cake (a beautiful creation from Henny B Cakes) before heading to the dance floor. DJ Rome had the music pumping and the party officially got started! I’m pretty sure I have never seen a dance floor with a group of people who could dance so well. It was like something out of a movie! If guests left the dance floor at all, it was for a quick minute to enjoy a bite of cake or warm apple crisp before heading back into the fray. Hours later as the lights came up, guests made their way out of the barn carrying their bags of apple cider donuts with huge smiles on their faces.

Emily & Bryan – thank you for the kindness you showed me, you made me feel like a part of your family and for that I will forever be grateful. I hope your dancing feet never tire, your smiles never dim, and that Thor has an endless supply of treats & belly rubs. xo Photos below courtesy of our friend Trent at Trent Jones Photography.


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