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Nikki & George | 9.8.18

From the day that I met Nikki and George, I had a feeling that their wedding was going to be unlike any other. It was not only learning about how they each complimented each other in almost every way, but it was also seeing the affection they felt for each other, even when they disagreed. As I heard stories about their eclectic family and met their little girl, I became even more excited to work with them on their wedding. Then, I learned what their first song was going to be, and I knew it was going to be a blast.

They had their wedding at the scenic Inn at Valley Farms in Walpole, NH. The wedding was very intimate, so the Inn was an ideal place to accommodate such an event. The ceremony was held in the barn, which was decorated simply, but beautifully (a theme throughout the day) with string lights and flowers. It was a short and simple ceremony, but full of emotion as Nikki and George read aloud vows they wrote. It brought happy tears to my eyes to hear the love they felt for each other voiced aloud in front of all the people who loved and supported them.

The reception was held in the backyard, decorated with tiki lights, an ice statue (created by Ice Breakers) , and simple, but beautiful centerpieces designed by Golden Cricket Florals that perfectly accented the dark color of the farm tables. A few Adirondack chairs were out; a playground for the little guests to play on; and even a corn hole set for guests to not only play, but also to write messages to the couple.

The event went off seamlessly, thanks in great part to the owner of the Inn, Jackie Caserta, who was like an angel sent from heaven - she was willing to assist with anything. Nikki and George’s eclectic family created a fun atmosphere, providing lots of laughs and conversation. Nikki and George, themselves, were so relaxed, despite it being such a momentous day, and I think that was the key factor in the day going so well. The guests all followed their example and had fun just mingling with each other.

Everyone loved the food that was provided by two food trucks - Little Zoe’s Take & Bake, which provided fresh, baked pizza; and Tito’s, a taco truck that had a line so long, I didn’t even try to sample what I was told by one of the guests was the BEST guacamole he has ever had. I was lucky enough to get to sample what I will simply call "heaven" - in reality, it was an utterly delicious cupcake from Queen City Cupcakes!

Amongst all this, the best part (aside from them saying “I Do”) to me was the first dance. As I mentioned in the beginning, their first dance choice was what made me know this wedding was going to be a blast, and it was. Nikki and George danced and sang along to “Creep” by Radiohead, to loud laughter and cheers. This is the most unique first dance song I have ever seen a couple dance to, and I loved it. Kudos to Nikki for letting George choose, and for agreeing to it. You know that’s true love. =) xo


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